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Evolution or revolution?

ContenTNT evolved from the traditional media and digital agency. 

We used to provide full-stack A-Z digital marketing services (SEO, PPC, Social Media Management and Marketing, Graphics, Video Production…) to SMEs and Enterprise clients. 

While we absolutely love to work with small businesses and solopreneurs, it is not a secret – their budgets typically are extremely limited and often every penny counts. 

So, we faced a challenge – either to accept the fact that the majority of clients we’d love to work with can’t afford our services… to run out of business cutting down prices… or, to find a workaround that would keep clients happy and our business sustainable.

Yep, we chose 3rd.


ContenTNT was born out of necessity to provide low-cost graphics and video production services to digital agencies and SMEs who are looking for the best bang for the buck

When it comes to multimedia, video, graphics projects there are 2 things that significantly affect the price: communication and customization. 

Traditionally, just to get one video or flyer done from the blank page stage, it requires multiple meetings, many back-and-forth exchanges… and someone has to pay for it. 

Either agency suffers and project costs more than they charge you (eventually going out of the business) since what seemed like a project for an hour is now taking days in back-and-forth… or, you are paying for all the communication and customization from your pocket (expensive!).


If you know what you want (or have someone who does on-board) and you are decisive you shouldn’t pay as much as the one who’s going to require hours of discussions and changes

Look, if you’ve got marketing person or personnel, and you want to get your project done as fast as possible for the price that doesn’t hurt your bank account, we encourage you to consider ContenTNT.

We pre-build in-house or buy in bulk from the designers and animators different graphics, video and animation elements that allow us to shortcut the process and get things done fast.

Fast means great savings for you!

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